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Technical Specification


No surface is 100% stain-proof, but CZAR Ceramic comes close. It is non-porous so liquids do not absorb and the rare, stain is usually on the surface and easily cleaned off.

Additionally, CZAR Ceramic is resistant to most chemicals and will not etch or get dull spots from acidic foods and drinks like marble.

Heat Resistant

All our products are fired at extremely high temperature of 1250 Degrees Celsius to 1350 Degrees Celsius and they can sustain high temperatures. Practically speaking all our products are Heat Resistant.

Scratch Resistant

Firing at extremely high temperature of 1250 Degrees Celsius to 1350 Degrees Celsius makes all our product surface able to resist scratching. Also there is polishing done on polished products with Glossy Surface giving them an extra edge over other alternative natural stone like marble, granite, quartz, etc. Even the Matt or other surfaces we offer are difficult to scratch and are abiding by our product parameter of being scratch resistant.

Chemical Resistant

Tiles are used at various flooring applications and so are prone to various chemicals / food / drinks, etc. Our tiles are specially manufactured considering all these application areas and are suitable for any kind of application whatsoever.

Numerous Colors and Patterns

Our manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest digital printing technology that can create products with infinite number of color and random patterns. Similar to the natural marble, wood or other stone, our products are having natural random patterns and gives you the perfect natural look.


CZAR Ceramic is made of 100% natural, raw, and clay-based materials.